The Great Himalayan Watershed by Kenneth Pomeranz

China wants to control Nepal (source of most Ganga water), Bhutan, and Arunachal (source of Brahmaputra water). It has surrounded India on both sides with strategic presence in Pakistan and Mynmar. Through each of these two countries, China has a superhighway linking Chinese controled Tibet with the Indian Ocean, including rail, road, oil/gas pipeline. In each country, China has built a navy base in the Indian Ocean. Next target is Sri Lanka where Pakistan has already established military presence.

China is using its cash reserve strategically, both to get USA into its orbit and to become entrenched in regions to its south where India is its biggest obstacle to world dominance. USA WILL NOT come to India’s rescue, and on the contrary, it will look to carve out its own share of the pie, as India get trifurcated into regions controlled by China, Pakistan and USA.

Look for China turning Nepal into a puppet state with its financial largess, hydro-electric projects to help Nepal harness its electric power from the massive himalyan water, and then pipe that water northward to China, leaving north India dry. The same plan is likely for pipelining Brahmaputra up north.

Meanwhile Tata can make lots of quick bucks on Nano cars that will further increase India’s dependency on imported oil, while China has annoucned that in 5 years it will be the world’s largest supplier of electric cars.

The problem is Indian elite’s ego of overnight world players, and the arrogance of over confidence. None of my talks and articles on the threat of internal fragmentation have been taken up seriously, and the reaction is that we are too great, invincible, etc. and dont even need to start quality International Relaitions programs to produce good researchers. The scenario of a China-Pak invasion of India is still being mocked at and dismissed by Delhi’s drunk socialites dreaming of becoming white Americans.


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