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Derivatives: Lethal Financial Instruments of Mass Destruction

By Navin Doshi, June 19th, 2010 Warren E. Buffett has warned over the past decade that derivatives are the fiscal equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). The consequences of an explosion of such a weapon could make the recent global economic crisis seem insignificant. But lobbyists, on behalf of big banks, plead for […]

Mutually Assured Financial Destruction

By Navin Doshi, May 19th, 2010 Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two opposing sides would effectively result in the destruction of both the attacker and the defender. The doctrine assumes that each side has enough nuclear weaponry […]

The Butterfly Effect – Seeds of the Meltdown

The Butterfly Effect – Seeds of the 2008-2009 Meltdown By Navin Doshi, April 19th, 2010 In the last two decades, we have experienced the bursting of two bubbles- the first in technology in 2000 and the second in housing in 2008. When exactly were the seeds planted for the current American suffering with close to […]

Transcendence, Saving Us From Ourselves, a Review by Sujay Desai

Transcendence, Saving Us From Ourselves, a Review By Sujay Desai In Saving Us From Ourselves, Navin Doshi presents the sterling truths of ancient Indian philosophy as a coherent solution to the complex issues that humanity faces in the modern age. Although we have achieved tremendous technological and material progress as a human race, the basic […]

All the Emperors with No Clothes by Navin Doshi

All the Emperors with No Clothes (By Navin Doshi, March 5, 2010) Looking carefully at the economic indicators, the current state of the Western (G7) economy appears quite dismal. Led by the Europeans, a competitive devaluation of currencies is wreaking havoc on the economic recovery prospects for the Western nations. The devalued Euro will not […]

Economics 101 and the State of the World Economy By Navin Doshi

Economics 101 and the State of the World Economy By Navin Doshi, February 23, 2010 A good image for the state of the world economy is a giant bathtub whose water tap is controlled by the central banks of countries around the world. The water level in the bathtub represents the overall strength of the […]

BOOK REVIEW: What the Dog Saw (Malcolm Gladwell) by Sujay Desai

BOOK REVIEW: What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell By Sujay Desai Over the last decade, Malcolm Gladwell has developed a singular reputation for delivering a fresh perspective and unique insights into a diverse and fascinating array of topics. His insatiable curiosity is put on full display in his new book What the Dog Saw, […]

Book Review: Poorly Made in China by Sujay Desai

Book Review: Poorly Made in China (Sujay Desai, Jan 18th 2010) When most Americans see the words “Made in China” on a consumer item, they immediately think of low prices.  Fueled largely by Wal-Mart and other national discount superstores, we tend to focus more on the price tag of the item and less on the […]

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball for 2010 by Navin Doshi

GAZING INTO THE CRYSTALL BALL FOR 2010 by Navin Doshi Gerald Celente, who predicted the crash of 2008 and 2009, publishes a trend research report for his clients. Here are his predictions and probable future trends: The stock market will crash again in the later part of 2010. Printing trillions of dollars that don’t have […]

Weakening Dollar In a Civilization Shift by Navin Doshi

WEAKENING DOLLAR, IN A CIVILIZATION SHIFT (By Navin Doshi) In ancient times, gold coins circulated far and wide across the globe just as paper currency does today.  Even after the birth of paper currency, the gold standard for paper money ensured its stability.  Between the Waterloo battle in 1815 and the Great Depression of the […]