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The Latest on Sindhu and Sarasvati by Dilip Chakrabarti

The Latest on Sindhu and Sarasvati by Dilip Chakrabarti

Indus Valley Opening Address by Navin Doshi

Opening Address to the Conference Proceedings by Navin Doshi:   Good Morning Friends: We are gathered here to learn about the Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization, an amazing human society, we believe, have flourished 5000 years ago, establishing itself as the largest and most sophisticated urban culture in history. The ruins of this impressive civilization are twice the […]

Indus Valley Conference Report by Greg Heffernan

SINDHU-SARASVATI VALLEY CONFERENCE AT THE LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY, FEBRUARY 21 AND 22, 2009 By Greg Heffernan LOS ANGELES: In an impressive gathering of linguists, archaeologists and historians, Loyola Marymount’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and Doshi Bridgebuilder Endowment, along with Soka University of America and Southern California Consortium for International Studies, sponsored a rousing analysis […]

Indus Valley Dholavira Excavation

Dholavira Excavation slides by excavation leader R.S. Bisht

Time, Space and Structure in Ancient India by Subhash Kak

Time, Space and Structure in Ancient India by Subhash Kak

Response to Steve Farmer by Ashok Aklujkar

Response to Steve Farmer by Ashok Aklujkar

Genetics and The Aryan Debate by Michel Danino

Genetics and The Aryan Debate – Michel Danino

International Conference on The Sindhu-Sarasvati Valley Civilizations – A Reappraisal

An international conference on the Sindhu-Sarasvati Valley Civilization was held in Los Angeles, at Loyola Marymount University, Feb. 21 and 22, 2009. Prominent scholars in the field presented their findings regarding the people and culture of ancient India. The aim of the conference was to discuss, reconsider and reconstruct a shared identity of the Sindhu (Indus) and Saraswati cultures using archaeological and other scientific evidences as well as Vedic literature.