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All the Emperors with No Clothes by Navin Doshi

All the Emperors with No Clothes (By Navin Doshi, March 5, 2010) Looking carefully at the economic indicators, the current state of the Western (G7) economy appears quite dismal. Led by the Europeans, a competitive devaluation of currencies is wreaking havoc on the economic recovery prospects for the Western nations. The devalued Euro will not […]

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball for 2010 by Navin Doshi

GAZING INTO THE CRYSTALL BALL FOR 2010 by Navin Doshi Gerald Celente, who predicted the crash of 2008 and 2009, publishes a trend research report for his clients. Here are his predictions and probable future trends: The stock market will crash again in the later part of 2010. Printing trillions of dollars that don’t have […]

Weakening Dollar In a Civilization Shift by Navin Doshi

WEAKENING DOLLAR, IN A CIVILIZATION SHIFT (By Navin Doshi) In ancient times, gold coins circulated far and wide across the globe just as paper currency does today.  Even after the birth of paper currency, the gold standard for paper money ensured its stability.  Between the Waterloo battle in 1815 and the Great Depression of the […]

Dollar: Past, Present and Future by Navin Doshi

In this article, Navin Doshi discusses the history and present state of the dollar and reflects on its relationship with gold.

George Quant Interviews Dr. Debashish Banerji: Return of the Veda (June 2, 2009)

June 2, 2009 GQ:  Welcome to the show. I’m George Quant, your host with special guest Dr. Debashish Banerji. On this show today we are going to tract the foot print of contemporary meditation and modern wisdom to its ancient root. In the beginning there was the Ved and the Ved was with spirit and […]

Descartes, Einstein, and Signs of the Divine by Navin Doshi (September 17, 2009

Descartes’ contribution to the field of science and philosophy was to distinguish mind and body, making him one of the first in the West responsible for separating the two selves. He was able to define the mind, unlike matter, as non-local (it does not have any location in space), not divisible, and existing independently of […]

A Tale of Two Metals – Gold and Silver by Navin Doshi (Aug. 26, 2009)

Just as in the novel, “A Tale of two Cities”, written by Charles Dickens, about London and Paris during French revolution and the unflattering social parallels, this is an article about gold and silver. The poor man’s symbol of wealth, silver, has been treated unfairly by design or otherwise by institutions with the blessings of […]

The Latest on Sindhu and Sarasvati by Dilip Chakrabarti

The Latest on Sindhu and Sarasvati by Dilip Chakrabarti

Indus Valley Opening Address by Navin Doshi

Opening Address to the Conference Proceedings by Navin Doshi:   Good Morning Friends: We are gathered here to learn about the Sindhu-Saraswati Civilization, an amazing human society, we believe, have flourished 5000 years ago, establishing itself as the largest and most sophisticated urban culture in history. The ruins of this impressive civilization are twice the […]

Indus Valley Conference Report by Greg Heffernan

SINDHU-SARASVATI VALLEY CONFERENCE AT THE LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY, FEBRUARY 21 AND 22, 2009 By Greg Heffernan LOS ANGELES: In an impressive gathering of linguists, archaeologists and historians, Loyola Marymount’s Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts and Doshi Bridgebuilder Endowment, along with Soka University of America and Southern California Consortium for International Studies, sponsored a rousing analysis […]