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In Defense of Bush and His Doctrines by Navin Doshi (September, 2008)

“We are in a dangerous world. We must succeed in Iraq. Iraq must succeed as a democratic government.” – President George W. Bush. Charlie Rose, in response to this asked President Bush, “Is there a Plan B?” Bush promptly replied, “Plan B is to make every effort to make Plan A work – that is […]

England’s Frankenstein by Navin Doshi by Navin Doshi (2008)

In 1818 a young English girl named Mary Shelley created a book in the snows of Geneva Switzerland destined to become a classic gothic thriller. The title to Mary Shelly’s creation was Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. In her book the 18 year old author tried to imply that a creator actually bears responsibility for […]

The Great Himalayan Watershed by Kenneth Pomeranz

China wants to control Nepal (source of most Ganga water), Bhutan, and Arunachal (source of Brahmaputra water). It has surrounded India on both sides with strategic presence in Pakistan and Mynmar. Through each of these two countries, China has a superhighway linking Chinese controled Tibet with the Indian Ocean, including rail, road, oil/gas pipeline. In […]