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Health, Wellness, the Shamanic Journey and Yoga by Philip Goldberg of LAYoga

Health, Wellness, the Shamanic Journey and Yoga Many people come to Yoga from a variety of traditions in search of health, wellness, union, transformation. Sometimes this takes place on the mat, in meditation or as part of some deeper journey indvidually or collectively. This journey includes peeling away the layers of the deepest self, honest […]

George Quant Interviews Dr. Debashish Banerji: Return of the Veda (June 2, 2009)

June 2, 2009 GQ:  Welcome to the show. I’m George Quant, your host with special guest Dr. Debashish Banerji. On this show today we are going to tract the foot print of contemporary meditation and modern wisdom to its ancient root. In the beginning there was the Ved and the Ved was with spirit and […]

Swami Rama Tirtha: In woods of God Realization

Swami Rama Tirtha was a Vedantin of the highest realization. Vedanta according to him is no dogma or blind faith, but the Reality of realities. It is the realization of our true Self, Sat-Chid-Anand, the state of All-Being, All Knowledge, All Bliss. Swami Rama was not only a religious teacher, but was also a fearless social reformer, and an undaunted patriot.

This website is dedicated to disseminate the teachings of Swami Tirtha. To this end we will be making available Swami Rama’s “In Woods of God-Realization” online. “In Woods of God-Realization” is a seven volume compilation of the complete works of Swami Rama.

Philosophy of Death and the Health Care Debate

The concept of death varies drastically between cultures and even between individuals within the cultures. Most are encompassed by fear at the thought of it, and some deny its inevitability whatsoever. However, all that we ought to do in life is working up to attaining the selfless awareness that is so desired for that point, that moment of death. When we die, we leave our wealth and our possessions wherever they are. The family and the friends go with the dead body to the cemetery where the body is cremated or buried, and then they go home. The only thing left in this world are the good selfless deeds that people will always remember.

In this article, Navin Doshi refelcts on the philosophy of death as understood by Indian Vedanta and applies this to the healthcare debate in today’s America.

Descartes, Einstein, and Signs of the Divine by Navin Doshi (September 17, 2009

Descartes’ contribution to the field of science and philosophy was to distinguish mind and body, making him one of the first in the West responsible for separating the two selves. He was able to define the mind, unlike matter, as non-local (it does not have any location in space), not divisible, and existing independently of […]

Consciousness, Light, and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity by Navin Doshi (September 7, 2009)

The Upanishads describe Brahman as Satchidananda—the true Absolute reality, which not separately but simultaneously is Sat, or Truth, Chit or Consciousness or Light, and Ananda or Bliss. They describe It as non dual That which is One-without-a-second, That from which nothing is separate, That which is limitless, That which is not conditioned by time, space […]

Gita Desai’s Yoga Unveiled

Yoga Unveiled is a three hour (2 DVD) journey of sight and sound that illuminates the history, variety and basis of yoga as expounded by contemporary scholars and practitioners.