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Veda Commentaries: Sacred-Texts Excerpts

From, Excerpts from A Vedic Reader for Students by A.A. Macdonell [1917] An introduction to the Dramatis Personæ of the Rig Veda.:

Veda Commentaries:

From, Hymns to the Maruts, Rudra, Vâyu and Vâta, tr. by F. Max Müller [1891] A masterpiece of linguistics and comparative mythology: translations and deep analysis of the Vedic Hymns to the Storm Gods:

Veda Texts: has the text of all the Vedas in Sanskrit:

Veda Texts: has the text of the Rig Vedas in Sanskrit and Roman transliteration plus translations in English of all the Vedas by a number of early Indologists (late 19th/early 20th c), such as Ralph Griffith, Max Muller and others. There are also some articles and commentaries (see Vedas -> Commentaries):