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The Butterfly Effect – Seeds of the Meltdown

The Butterfly Effect – Seeds of the 2008-2009 Meltdown By Navin Doshi, April 19th, 2010 In the last two decades, we have experienced the bursting of two bubbles- the first in technology in 2000 and the second in housing in 2008. When exactly were the seeds planted for the current American suffering with close to […]

The Water War of China Against India by Navin Doshi (November, 2008)

The former senior vice-president of the World Bank was quoted several years ago as saying: ‘The next World War will be over water.’ Indeed, water needs of emerging nations, as their populations industrialize, seems to be a key concern for global economists and environmentalists. This is certainly true of Asia where nearly 47 percent of […]

England’s Frankenstein by Navin Doshi by Navin Doshi (2008)

In 1818 a young English girl named Mary Shelley created a book in the snows of Geneva Switzerland destined to become a classic gothic thriller. The title to Mary Shelly’s creation was Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus. In her book the 18 year old author tried to imply that a creator actually bears responsibility for […]

Poros the Great by Buddha Prakash

This is a revised history by Buddha Prakash, an academic, whose research employs and combines many Greek sources as well as many sources outside of Greece. He questions the conclusions that Greek historians have made which say that Alexander the Great defeated Poros in the war in India. He implies that neither of them came out victorious after […]