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Book Review: Poorly Made in China by Sujay Desai

Book Review: Poorly Made in China (Sujay Desai, Jan 18th 2010) When most Americans see the words “Made in China” on a consumer item, they immediately think of low prices.  Fueled largely by Wal-Mart and other national discount superstores, we tend to focus more on the price tag of the item and less on the […]

Irrational Optimism by Navin Doshi & Sujay Desai (October 8th, 2009)

As a young nation, America has always preferred to boldly look ahead to a limitless future without much consideration for the past.  Because we have such a brief history, we tend to cut ties with past events as a matter of course.  In one regard, this perspective grants Americans the freedom to quickly overcome calamities […]